Monday, March 9, 2009


Tonight for dinner I had:
cherry flavored Jello
a bowl of mixed veggies
a cup of chicken broth
a PB&J Rollup on a whole grain tortilla
a bag of popcorn
fat free sugar free chocolate pudding

But besides that. I'd like to get away for a little bit. I am applying for multiple oversees internships. There's this art college in Florence called Santa Reparata that I'd love to lick envelopes for or make afternoon cappuccino runs for. I thought about applying to some programs in Africa, but all the applications looked really shady and I'm guessing they might be recruiting poachers-- I don't really want to spend the rest of my life in some African prison.

I used to think it was so silly when I'd see people on TV who wish they could go somewhere else in the world to make a difference--like those extremists on American Idol who quit their waitressing jobs and leave their babies with their parents to go to Hollywood for a week and make a new life. What could they possibly do there in a week's time that would change the world/their life? Now though, I almost kind of understand them.

Sometimes in high school I'd go to a dance or a concert where the air in the crowd was so unbareably humid, it was almost too difficult to breathe. Throughout the event, I'd stand on my tiptoes and cock my head back just to get a breath of cooler, thinner air. Thats what its like here, now, in Rexburg. I feel like the air is so stale and clouded. If I could, I'd stand tiptoed. Get me out. Somehow. Somewhere. And maybe I could make a difference.

I'm invisioning Orange County for a little while. Maybe I'll go burn down a model home and some rich family will let me stay with them for the next five years and I'll magically look like Mischa Barton. Anyways, back to life and the powerpoint I've been putting off for a week and a half...


Britt said...

Aly you're funny. Sometimes I get little bouts like that but I always wonder if it really is something I want to do or if I'm just bored/frustrated/exhausted with my own life and am just craving a drastic change. I still don't really know. But just know that I'll still love you no matter where you are in the world.

Ross JW said...

I WANT TO FOLLOW YOU! No really. Where's the follow button? :(

Ross JW said...

Oh yeah. And PS...Ummmm can we watch the OC next month? Please? I love you Aly! Fabulous entry, as always. I really enjoy reading your writing.

Aly Nicole said...

Um, I dont know.
I have a lot of trouble finding people's follow buttons. And YESSSS I have been craving the OC so incredibly much lately. I can't wait.