Monday, March 2, 2009

God Knew

I have seen the Lord's hand in my life the past few days. In a work seminar on Thursday we talked about pain--how to grow from it, how it's healthy, how we should experience it and not try to hide from it. At the moment, this information wasn't relevant at all to my situation, but I needed it a few hours from then. God knew that. Every testimony born, every lesson taught, and every hug given in church yesterday was for me. My family, roommates, co-workers, and friends have inundated me with love and I can't help but see how blessed I truly am. I've become stronger. And I am happy. God knew this would happen.


Kimaree said...

Beautiful entry, I love you Al! And hey is this picture of you?? It's a gorgeous photo!

Ross JW said...

This is a great entry. Funny how God just knows every little jot and tittle, isn't it? I had almost the same thing happen to me this past weekend. Stay amazing, Aly :) I'm glad you're happy.