Thursday, January 22, 2009

My Invention

I’ve been thinking, during my long morning walks—from Tuscany to the Hinckley building, from the Taylor to the Spori, from the Smith to the Benson—in 3-6 degree weather, that I may have an idea which could greatly benefit mankind. It might even save lives and ensure happy long walks in the cold, especially for those of us who are from generally warm climates and have to sleep with heating blankets every night.

When this idea first came to me, I was sure I was the only one to ever have it and that I could potentially make some money off of this. Like millions. Coming from a family whose father is relentlessly inventing new things (but never managing to get them marketed) and a mother who dreams of what she’d do with the money before the things are even in blueprint, I guess I’ve discovered my own tendency to sometimes think along both of those lines—as an inventor and a dreamer. So, this is just part of my make up; you can’t make fun of me.

My genius idea... (Drum roll)… is to create an electric jacket! A light weight jacket you can wear to and from class, with an adjustable temperature dial which makes finding your perfect temperature a (warm) breeze, and with the versatile ability to be both battery operated and electrically charged, allowing you more options when your power runs low. This is such a great idea, right? (Please, no laughing.) No one has ever thought of this before, right? Wrong. After Google-ing “electric jacket” I came to find that my genius invention has been thought of before…by a motorcycle enthusiast.

Electric jackets are most commonly used by those who ride motorcycles in cold areas and during winter months. Hmm, so much for paying off my college loans in cash and buying a flat in Florence. But you know what? I want an electric jacket. Can you imagine how comfortable those long walks to class would be? I would never have goosebumps again. I also want electric pants. I wonder if those exist yet…


V-Town! said...

YOu are sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo funny!!! I love the idea of an electric jacket! Do you know what else we should create??? A blow up vest that fits inside of the electric jacket and electric pants.... so that when you are walking to class and you slip on a piece of ice.... all you have to do is quickly pull the "emergency slip blow up button" and snap! You have a soft cushion to land on!!!!!!
Invented yet? I don't know... I will leave Aly to "google" it.

Aly Nicole said...

Hahahahahahah thanks for humoring me, V. And this Sunday, I've been thinking more seriously about the emergency slip blow up button thing...I love you!